How to use this kit?

This soul work essential kit is here to help on a day to day basis feel grounded, supported by the divine and in alignment with your soul to make sure that everything you create is coming from your soul and in alignment with divine will.

Always start by opening space within your heart to receive these light codes and attunements by listening to the short guided meditation and then listen to the audio light language transmissions in order or allow your intuition to select for you the ones that you need to receive at that particular moment.

The audios in this bundle are purposefully designed to be around 2 and 3 minutes long so you can easily fit them into your day and listen to them anytime you are about to start your sacred work or feeling wobbly, ungrounded or out of alignment. They work as tuning forks instantly aligning you with divine light and your divine essence frequencies.

You can also listen to a specific transmission multiple times if you desire to receive a deeper attunement to the light codes.

The light language channeled in these transmissions is a sacred sound and light technology that acts directly on your energy body and your light body and rearranges the energy patterns and light pathways while bypassing your conscious mind and belief system that tend to create resistance when the conscious mind is involved in the process.