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1 on 1 4 months private mentoring deep dive with Dorra and the Seven Star Sisters to catalyze your spiritual journey, to spark your soul evolution and to reclaim your divinity.

During our weekly sessions you will receive:

  • Energy healings, clearings, and alignments
  • Oracle readings, spiritual coaching and channeled guidance from your higher-self and the Seven Star Sisters to support you with your current initiation and offer you clarity
  • A series of light language activation to activate your different mystical gifts, divine codes and aspects

You’ll be held in a safe, loving, grounding and transformative space as you bloom and reclaim your mystical self.

I will support you and initiate you to step out of the limiting stories and patterns and step into your new reality and your soul’s mission.

You’ll be encouraged to be your own oracle, mystic, healer and wise woman and find the answers that you are looking for within as you become a clear channel for your higher-self and of the Divine.